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Carbon Footprint - Reduce CO2 Emissions & Costs

Veolia Water Technologies has implemented a carbon footprint reduction program corporate-wide.

Berkefeld - Carbon Footprint program

This program ensures continuous development of energy-efficient technologies designed to meet our customers' environmental goals. Reducing energy consumption and thus production of the greenhouse gas CO2 not only protects the environment but maximizes the economic benefits of water treatment systems.

total carbon cost analysis

This total carbon cost analysis allows us to calculate all direct and indirect carbon emissions caused by the technologies we offer and the plants we design and build over a complete life cycle.

1. Assess your carbon footprint

Our team of experts in water treatment and carbon analysis can help you assess the carbon footprint of the different alternatives for your water or wastewater treatment needs. Our assessment is based on total carbon cost analysis, a method adopted by municipalities, industries and organisations worldwide. You will find the carbon assessment formula in our brochure.

2. Analyze & reduce carbon costs

Assessing the carbon footprint of water treatment plants allows us to calculate the total amount of climate gas being produced over a complete life cycle. Higher emissions correspond to higher operation costs - especially to those spend for energy supply and chemicals. The results of our total carbon cost analyses enable us to compare different water treatment processes and solutions objectively and point out possible carbon reduction options and their related cost and benefits.

Your benefit:

You will be able to invest in a best-in-class solution not just because it is reducing the operating costs over the lifetime of the installation but because it is also minimizing the financial risk of a direct and indirect carbon contribution. Investing in a carbon efficient solution makes our customers less vulnerable against hydrocarbon scarcity, tensions on energy prices, and government regulations and taxation.

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