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Treatment for suspended solids removal


Actiflo™ can be used in most municipal applications:

Actiflo™ is a compact process that operates with microsand (Actisand™) as a seed for floc formation. The microsand ballasted flocs display unique settling characteristics, which allow clarifier designs with very high overflow rates and short retention times. These designs result in footprints that are 5 times smaller than classic lamella clarifier or dissolved air flotation (DAF) and up to 20 times smaller than conventional clarification systems.

  • Primary settlement: due to the mass of microsand constantly in the process, Actiflo™ handles very swift raw water quality variations and rapid flow changes
  • Treatment of biofilter backwash water: due to its short residence time, the biological sludge is unlikely to go septic; it is therefore clarified extremely efficiently, with superior levels of treatment compared to flotation
  • Clarification of trickling filter effluents, in replacement of a conventional clarifier
  • Stormwater treatment (combined sewer overflow): Actiflo™ treats storm peak flows as they occur. In combination with UV disinfection (Actistar™), it delivers an effluent compliant with the most stringent bathing and shellfish water directives
  • Tertiary polishing or phosphorus removal: whether it is used for suspended solids, color or phosphorus removal, Actiflo™ meets or exceeds water quality standards with removal rates usually higher than 90%. The same Actiflo™ unit applies to storm flow treatment in peak flow and to tertiary treatment in dry flow conditions, with a significant removal of hormones (endocrine perturbators) for the latter
  • Water reuse for crop irrigation or aquifer recharge, in combination with Discfilter and UV disinfection (Actidisc Plus™)

Industrial water and effluents

Actiflo™ is an ideal solution for the recycling of process water and pre-treatment of boiler feed or cooling tower make-up water.

Similarly it treats any type of process water as well as most industrial effluents.

  • Solids and color removal: prior to membrane treatment, reverse osmosis (Actimem™), or in combination with Discfilter (Actidisc™), to produce process water for the pulp & paper or food industry
  • Removal of heavy metals (lead, cadmium, zinc...) and ashes from power plant and steel mill effluents, or polishing treatment to remove suspended solids and associated pollutants
  • Lime soda softening (Actisoft™) for the production of demineralized water
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