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Rijnmond Energie power plant, Rotterdam - The Netherlands

Rijnmond Energie is the first independent power plant in northwest Europe since the 1996 European Union Electricity Directive.

Our client

Since August 2001, "Rijnmond Energie" utilizes a 790-megawatt (MW) natural gas-fired, combined heat and power facility that is located in an industrial zone of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Client's needs

The power plant needs a high volume and very good quality of process water to supply the entire facility. The produced water will supply cooling tower water and boiler feed water at this new gas-fired power plant.

The water source is brackish water taken directly from the harbour of Rotterdam, containing high and variable amounts of solids and total suspended solids as well as oil traces.

Our solution

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, through its subsidiary VWS Rossmark, has installed the compact ActiflocTM plant in order to supply the entire power facility with process water.

The ActiflocTM plant consists of four identical lines capable of producing in total up to 1,280 m3 /h of high quality process water. With the raw water (brackish water) coming directly from the harbour of Rotterdam, the ActiflocTM plant significantly reduces the turbidity of the water and removes any oily pollutants.

After treatment in the ActiflocTM plant, the water has a superior quality and can be used as cooling water directly whereas the water used as boiler water undergoes further treatment consisting of microfiltration by Cartridge filters 5 µm and Clarify filters for oil absorption, reverse osmosis and CDI (continuous de-ionisation).

The ActiflocTM plant combined the proven clarification technology, ActifloTM and a gravity media filter in one prefabricated, fully automatic unit.

The water is initially screened before it is chemically treated and filtered in the ActiflocTM plant. The chemical treatment is based on coagulation using iron chloride and enhanced flocculation using polymer and microsand.


Parameter Influent Effluent Guarantee

Suspended solids, mg/l

< 500


< 5.0



< 0.20


Oil, mg/l

< 20


< 1.0

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