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Professional Wastewater Treatment - Welcome to Aquantis, part of Veolia Water Technologies


is what we deliver to our customers

Service is what we deliver to our customers. As the global benchmark of water services we secure our customers' performance through world-renowned technologies and expertise. Combined with our operating experience it forms the basis for ongoing improvements and synergies leading to best-in-class service.


is what we create for our customers

Value is what we create for our customers. Our all-encompassing range of solutions and technologies is dedicated to leverage the value of water and wastewater resources. Combined with local presence and a worldwide network of experts, we ensure our customers the best possible solutions to treat or reuse wastewater, produce or recover energy, extract raw materials, such as phosphorus, and capitalize on byproducts.


is the keystone for all our business activities

Responsibility is the keystone for all our business activities. We support our customer's environmental and economic challenges by providing innovative and sustainable carbon and water footprint programs. Internally our responsibility is reflected in our safety management, diversity and personnel engagement.

Multi-local presence

Our key technologies

Aquantis is part of Veolia Water Technologies in Germany and focuses on using key technologies for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment. Within the Veolia group, Aquantis is a global Membrane Business Centre.


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New Aquantis Projects

Cero Agua Project Nestlé

Veolia Water Techno- logies with participation of Aquantis has built the first "zero water" manufacturing site in Jalisco, Mexico. For these and other innovative initiatives Nestlé has won the "Corporate Stewardship Award" on the recent Global Water Summit in Athens, Greece.